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2008-08-24 00:27:57 by Sparky624



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2009-01-21 18:07:54

re: tribute to manhunt
dont give a mark criteria on weather or not youve heard of something or not cause that just wasnt fair on the artist he did capture some of the important parts from the game and also if you are gunna make a review about something you dont understand just research about it so i do agree with him in a not so mean kind of way i just think you shouldnt give critera on knowing its existance or not. but 2bh you should of heard about it cause some kid got the idea from that game to smack another kid round the head with a hammer so yea man hunt 1 and 2 both got banned from the UK for a while

(Updated ) Sparky624 responds:

Your response to a news post is about a comment I left two years ago?